tonight I watched a luna moth emerge | Logan Elizabeth Craig

tonight I watched a luna moth emerge
from her cocoon her whole body
an achy joint I felt each thread-legged
step to the flatbed of a philodendron
leaf and waited for a honeyed hour
as her wings unfurled into paper-thin
velvet and how it must have hurt how
I must have forgotten how it felt to grow
my own bones to know that marrow-deep
pain could promise something good.

Logan Elizabeth Craig (she/they) is a future therapist training in Chattanooga, TN. Most of her poetry can be found in screenshots she’s sent in her friends’ group chats, but a few can also be found in miniskirt mag, the lickety~split, and Sonder Travel Magazine. Find them oc- casionally on instagram and twitter: @loganelizabethc.

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