sampling | BEE LB

what solution do you want to end on? what resolution
are you set on? how far exactly does your sight extend?
no, this is not an interrogation. there are other venues

to approach that. this remains something like an examination.
a determination of the prognosis. tell me, do you still shy away
from treatment? does it bring to mind anything new?

where do you move from there? trace a map for me to follow.
this questionnaire will stick between your teeth, keep floss
or a toothpick close at hand. what was the last moment

you can remember the exact timing of? how far have you gone
from it? tell me what it is you’re trying to forget, and why
it was the first thing that came to mind. do you trust anyone

to protect yourself? have you realized i’m not up to the task?
you’ve spent years chasing anything that could name you
worthy. isn’t it time to give your splints a rest?

BEE LB is a living poet, or at least the facsimile one; a porcelain pierrot with a painted face. they collect champagne bottles, portraits of strange women, and diagnoses. they’ve been published in G*Mob, MOODY, Landfill, and The Racket, among others. their portfolio can be found at and at twinbrights on ig.

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